Handmade Horoscope Charms


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Handmade Horoscope Charms for Charm bracelets Made from Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver Handmade Horoscope Charms stamped with your star sign. Silver zodiac beads for charm bracelets.

Handmade Horoscope Charms

Add to your collection these cute dainty handmade horoscope charms.  Lucky charm beads for your charm bracelet. Each charm is handmade from solid 925 Sterling Silver and stamped with your star sign. Every sign has its own particular attributes that make it special and unique, just like these charms.

Lucky Silver Zodiac Charms

  • Taurus – You are grounded, dependable, and luminant. You represent spring and fresh air.
  • Aries – An adventurous and energetic spirit. You are the symbol of rebirth and renewal.
  • Gemini – The sign of duality! You are expressive and versatile, sharp-witted and clever, with a big kind heart.
  • Cancer – Element of water and the Moon. You embody the definition of family love as you are strong, caring, and fiercely protective.
  • Leo – The guardians of mystery. You are a natural-born leader with inner strength and generosity.
  • Virgo – Sign of the Goddess. You are refined and sharp with a great sense of judgement.
  • Libra – The representation of balance and Karma. You are diplomatic, gracefulness and are artistically refined.
  • Scorpio – You are resilient, resourceful, and have a belt full of talents. You represent darkness and transformation.
  • Sagittarius – You are open, friendly, and energetic. You inspire freedom and adventure.
  • Capricorn – Winter’s element. You are hard-working and ambitious.
  • Aquarius – Revolution and change! You are a free-thinking innovator with unconventional and unique ways.
  • Pisces – You are receptive with great psychic depth. You symbolise compassion and empathy.

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Metal Stamp

S925 Sterling Silver

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9 mm * 7 mm



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