Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination

Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination




Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination – Divination Coin – Lucky Charm

Lucky Constellation Coins of Divination are coins used by clairvoyants, psychics, fortune tellers, soothsayers, and of the like when they need guidance from the universe. They ask a question that has a yes / no answer, or they give the coin two options to choose from. The questions could be simple small ones, they could be lighthearted and fun, or they could be seriously deep and profound.  Because the coin has been infused with the clairvoyant’s energy and that of divination, once the Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination is flipped, the divination coin will always answer in what is in the best interest of the clairvoyant.

Divination Coins can be very powerful and their guidance should be trusted. When you’re looking for a sign, just flip the coin of destiny and the answers will become clear.

Use with a coin spell and align the coin’s energy to yours. Flip the coin and know your future.

Once charged with your energy, these coins will always guide you in the right direction.


How to Charge Your Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination

Keep the coin on your own or next to you at all times. The more it remains with you, the more it gets coded with your energy, the more it will connect to you, the more the outcome will be in your favour.

You have to infuse yourself with the coin. Play with it, feel it, fiddle with it. Put it under your pillow when you sleep or next to your bed. Keep it in your pocket, but don’t mix it with coins of currency.

Keep it away from coins of currency so that your coin doesn’t interact with their energy or absorb it.

The Lucky Constellation Coins of Divination have been cleansed and purified so there is no stagnant energy lingering around, and are ready to be charged by you.


** Witchy Tip – From one witch to another, if at any point your gut tells you to go the other way than what the coin has said, then go the other way. Trust the Lucky Constellation Coin of Divination that it will never guide you wrongly, but trust yourself more.

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Purified and Cleansed of Energy


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